25 Subject Lines that Convert – Internet Marketing Gems!

1. How to [Get a Benefit] on a Shoestring Budget

Example: How to Build a House on a Shoestring Budget

2. How Absolutely Anyone Can [Get a Benefit]

Example: How Absolutely Anyone Can Look Like an Athlete

3. [Number] Weird Ways to [Get a Benefit]

Example: 3 Weird Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

4. [Something Bad Happened] – Now What?

Example: Your Wife Left You – Now What?

5. [Option 1 or Option 2] – Which Is Better?

Example: Red Heads or Blondes – Which Is Better?

6. Last Chance: [Get Some Benefit/Discount/Etc.]!

Example: Last Chance to Get 75% Off!

7. [This Thing] Disappears in 24 Hours

Example: This $200-Off Coupon Disappears in 24 Hours

8. [Buy Something Now], and Save [$X Amount]

Example: Buy the Manly Man Dating Course Now, and Save $25

9. How to [Get a Benefit], Fast

Example: How to Get Rid of Tax Problems, Fast

10. The #1 Way to [Get a Benefit]

Example: The #1 Way to Look 10 Years Younger

11. How Safe [Is Your Object]?

Example: How Safe are Your Retirement Funds?

12. [Some Process] Made Easy

Example: Getting Rid of Cellulite Made Easy

13. Are You Making These [Type of] Mistakes?

Example: Are You Making These Facebook Advertising Mistakes?

14. How [Some Specific Thing] [Resulted in Some Bad Thing]

Example: How My Stupidity Destroyed My Business

15. Are You Afraid of [Some Task]?

Example: Are You Afraid of Website Building?

16. Get the Insider Secrets to [Some Topic]

Example: Get the Insider Secrets for Million Dollar Product Launches

17. You’ll Never Believe What This [Type of Person] Did

Example: You’ll Never Believe What This Waitress Did to Start a Business

18. Start [Getting Some Benefit] for Just [Low Dollar Amount]

Example: Start Getting Targeted Traffic for Just $1

19. How I [Did Some Astonishing Thing]

Example: How I Got Endorsed by Oprah

20. FLASH SALE: [Description]

Example: FLASH SALE: Four Hours, $40 Off!

21. The Quick and Easy Way to [Get a Benefit]

Example: The Quick and Easy Way to Lose 10 Pounds

22. The Ultimate Guide to [Getting Some Benefit]

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Best-Selling Author

23. A Surprising Way to [Get a Benefit]

Example: A Surprising Way to Get a Big Promotion

24. Want [Some Benefit]? Read this

Example: Want More Traffic? Read This

25. Don’t [Take Some Action] Until [You Do Some Other Thing]

Example: Don’t Buy a New Car Until You Read This


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