Up to Date Internet marketing News | At Your Fingertips

Up to Date Internet marketing News | At Your Fingertips

Mailchimp Adds New Marketing Automation Platform

If you’re not using Mailchimp, you might be surprised at just how much it can do for a small business.

While Mailchimp began as just another email marketing service and platform for businesses, it has now expanded into the marketing automation space.

In the last few years, Mailchimp has added a website builder, basic online store function, digital ad support, and analytics tools, in its attempt to become a one-stop-shop for small businesses and entrepreneurs with digital marketing.

Because of these changes, Mailchimp now gives small businesses the power to compete with more sophisticated (but potentially cost-prohibitive) marketing automation solutions.

And now Mailchimp announces a new line of tools that are artificial intelligence (AI)-based to further help small business owners become better marketers.

The new AI tools include:

  • Personalized product recommendations for shoppers
  • Forecasting tools for behavioral targeting (to see which users are most likely to buy something)
  • AI-backed tool to help businesses design their own visual assets
  • A tool to help businesses write better email subject lines
  • A tool that helps businesses improve their email campaign performance


Facebook Kills ‘<20% text in image’ Rule

Facebook has removed the 20% text limit on ad images.

The long-standing rule had been shifted to less stringent over the years, with this week marking their complete abandonment of the 20% text rule. Media buyers in Facebook’s platform began to notice recently a big change: their images were no longer being disapproved for a lot of text.


Ryan Reynolds has 7 Marketing Lessons for You. Seriously.

Ryan Reynolds, the famous actor and creative guy behind some of the most memorable ads in the past couple of years, shares some of his insights with Adweek’s creativity and innovation editor David Griner during their Brandweek digital event.

The 7 lessons, summarized, are:

  • Less bureaucracy allows for more creativity.
  • To be a good marketer, be a consumer first.
  • Authenticity always triumphs.
  • Speed is good, too.
  • Accountability matters.
  • Celebrity status isn’t everything.
  • Consumers are tiring of endorsers.


Infographic from AdSense Answers Your Questions

Are you using AdSense? Or just thinking about it? Google has released this infographic to answer your most pressing questions, such as how you can stay on their good side and what to do if (Uh-oh!) you receive a policy violation notice.


Reddit Launches Ad Inventory Types to Give Advertisers More Control

Reddit is working to earn your advertising dollars, launching three new tiered ad inventory options.


Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Business Suite’

This is an all-in-one Facebook and Instagram management tool, focused on making it easier for you to manage your Facebook and Instagram presences from a single platform.


Searching for Usable Images on Google Just Got Tricky

Google quietly removed the “labeled for reuse” and “labeled for reuse with modifications” options from Image Search. While the filter options and subsequent images are now gone from search, Google has added a Creative Commons license option.

As a reminder, Creative Commons images are free to use, provided that you credit the user and link back to them — a change from “labeled for reuse” licenses which could be used without attribution.

Many digital marketers relied on that little tag to find images eligible for legal use in marketing content efficiently. Now, we have to go through more effort to properly find and source images for our content. On top of that, you may see some fluctuations in your rankings as this new change goes into effect.


Google Update: Your Visitors Can Now See if Your Forms Aren’t Secure

Are your website forms secure? If you don’t immediately know the answer to that question for your company website, consider this big news from Google a wake-up call.


Google Ads Update Now Hiding Data

Google Ads has quietly started removing data from the search terms report. Although this may not sound like a huge deal for digital marketers, it has the potential to cause trouble when it comes to reporting of clicks, return on ad spend and more.

The update was released via a notification in your Ads account, that can easily go unnoticed.


Microsoft Launches 2 Screen Phone

Microsoft is back in the smartphone business with its new Duo. Now your customers can watch your YouTube video while visiting your squeeze page, visit your website while on your webinar and pretty much do any two things at once.

While the price tag is currently high, if this catches on we can expect other companies to follow suit, thereby lowering the price in a year or two.

This can take mobile marketing to an entirely new level as marketers discover ways to make it work for their businesses.

My only question is why didn’t someone invent this sooner?


Innovation in a Crisis: Why it is More Critical than Ever

Despite the pandemic’s economic consequences, McKinsey & Co. research suggests that most leaders think this time of change and reinvention can be a boon to their businesses. More than three-quarters of business owners told the research giant the crisis will create “significant” new opportunities for growth. Revealing that blessing in disguise boils down to meeting the market’s changing needs.



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