How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step

afiliate-marketing-step-by-step My Online Experience A Brief History

I first got acquainted with the online business market several years ago after researching the opportunities that existed at that time. (there are many more now)

It’s funny, well not so funny, but after looking at all the different ways to create an income online, it appeared that only a few of the so-called “Gurus” ever made anything at all, and when they made money, it was usually at “YOUR” expense.

After paying out literally thousands of dollars creating websites, hosting, advertising and building your list with an autoresponder, and with the great learning curve to overcome, I finally called it a day and gave up. Looking back now, it was probably the wrong decision at the time, and I’m sure if I had stuck at it, and been a little more patient, everything would have worked itself out.

I would wonder from program to program, buying every new thing that came into my mail box, with not much that actually worked. Splash pages told you that with this little tool or widget, you would be making mega bucks in no time at all, only to be stymied at every turn when more money was required to move on to the next level.

The Present

Well a few years later and a few years older, guess what, I am giving it another try. Whoopee I can hear you say…..
However, this time I’m not starting from scratch as I did the first time, and with the insights and knowledge I gained from the last go-around, I am going to be taking this much more slowly and methodically this time around.

I am seeing more and more, to be able to help people get what they want and coach them, it a much better way to conduct oneself get through this life that each of us goes through.

My New Direction

So, what have I decided to do you ask?

Well, I’m going to be involved in the really open field of “Affiliate Marketing”. I am entering this field to primarily assist others in their endeavors, and make a little added income if things work out.

Affiliate Marketing, for the people who do not know what that is, is the promotion of other companies products with you making a small profit from anything that gets purchased from your site(s).

New Company

After doing quite a lot of research, I came across this site, which is free to start, but if you upgrade, charges a small monthly fee to be a member.

I first joined this site as a FREE starter member, and I then spent a good few days evaluating what was on offer, and finally took the plunge and signed up for the upgrade.

As a starter member you do get two free websites, which gives to a chance to get a feeling as to what is available and the tons of additional information, in mainly the form of training you get after you upgrade.

I am now in the process of working my way through the rest of the training, which is extremely informative and extensive, and to be honest does take a long time to go through. But along the way you are tasked with things to get done as you work your way through the lessons. In fact, I am issuing this first article, and I am by no means finished with the training. So, have still a long way to go.

What I am finding as I go through this process is that when you do things incrementally, things come together, and with the help of the others using this site, gives you a good feeling about where you will be 12 months down the road.

As I am not completely operational using this information yet, I will need to reserve a final judgment on using this site, but at this stage, I am very optimistic as to where I will be going forward.

This is the first of many articles I plan on adding to my site and it is housed on a WordPress site, and it has been set up with my own .com domain name.


So here is my opinion at the moment. I believe that with a lot of effort, a willingness to work, with the millions of niches you can promote, there is really no reason why anybody couldn’t make this work.

In closing, I will be issuing much more content on this site, and I welcome you to visit as much as you see fit.

If you need further information from me at this time, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or you can email me at

Irving Armstrong

p.s. If you need information about the program I am using please click here.

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