Pandemic Positive Reality Check – Don’t Let This Virus get You Down

In the midst of all the dire news, perhaps it’s time for a positive reality check:

  • Most people still have jobs and an income. Even during the great depression, the vast majority of people were employed.
  • An economic crash doesn’t destroy wealth, it merely transfers it. The money is still there, although you might need a new method to get it.
  • People are still spending money and always will.
  • Regardless of what happens – good or bad – some industries will prosper and some won’t. This has always been true and always will be true.
  • Economic downturns are almost always shorter than periods of growth. What you do now sets you up for the next growth period.
  • Some of the most brilliant minds around the world are united in working tirelessly on treatments and vaccines for the virus.
  • Whatever it takes, we will get through this. Humans have been through tens and likely hundreds of pandemics before, and never before did we have the resources we have now.
  • Being curled into a ball of fear won’t improve the pandemic. Neither will choosing to be positive and working on your business. But the second option will improve your income.


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