Maybe The Super Successful Aren’t as Smart as We Think

Most people who achieve extraordinary success are not extraordinary themselves. We might think they are geniuses, but it turns out they are typically of average intelligence.

What makes the difference, then, if it’s not how smart they are?

Most successful people simply hang in there. There’s no trick or secret formula. It’s a matter of deciding what you want, starting, and then never stopping until you reach your goal.

This explains why nearly all successful people have had several failures.

Countless self-made millionaires have declared bankruptcy multiple times.

Inventors first find tens and hundreds of ways something won’t work until they find the method that will work.

Online marketers will try a dozen things before they find the one that works for them.

Failure is an integral part of becoming successful. You can call it ‘paying your dues’ or getting your education. The bottom line is, if you keep going towards your goal regardless of how many times you stumble, you’ll inevitably be successful.

Successful people also tend to be arrogant. If you think of someone who comes from a background of poverty, and yet declares he will start and run a business that earns him millions of dollars, he’s going to sound arrogant.

Aspiring to do the ‘impossible’ will always make you sound arrogant, at least until you do it. It took arrogant people to figure out how to transmit voices from one place to another, to learn to fly and go to the moon, and to create the first real medical cures.

Everything great that’s ever been accomplished has been done by someone who sounded to others as though they were arrogant.

I imagine the first person to declare they would make a vaccine against influenza viruses sounded arrogant.

Yet now we make flu vaccines against four different viruses every year, and soon that number will be five once they have the vaccine for COVID-19.

Another thing successful people do is learn to use the talents and abilities of other people. It’s rare indeed that anyone has a major success in online marketing without the help of many other people.

Think of yourself launching a product – odds are the information you’re putting into the product is a combination of what you’ve learned from your own experimentation, as well as what you’ve learned from others. You might use writers and tech people to help you put the product together, to create the website, sales pages and emails and so forth. You’ll be using JV partners and affiliates to get the word out, as well as asking your customers to tell others via social media. It’s a team effort.

Lastly, successful people think of themselves almost as gods who are able to direct their lives and make things happen. They never choose the victim mentality, no matter what happens. They know they are in charge of their lives, their futures and their success. This gives them the confidence to make connections, move mountains and get things done.

To sum up, successful people aren’t necessarily geniuses; they’re just tenacious. They don’t mind failing repeatedly to become successful. They can be arrogant in their goal and act like they are a god in directing their own lives. They welcome plenty help from others, too.

And isn’t that the best lesson of all, that no matter what we’re going through, what our goals are and whatever our challenges might be, that we can always turn to others for help.


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