Let Your Paid Members ‘Steal’ to Increase Your Revenue | A Little Tidbit

Okay, to be fair your paid members aren’t truly ‘stealing’, even though it might feel that way to you.

I recently joined a paid monthly membership that consists of hundreds of videos. As I was browsing the site, a pop-up box with a one-minute video appeared, showing me how to share videos with my friends.

I paid to be a member. My friends are NOT paid members. And yet I can send them a link to any video I choose with the full blessing of the membership site company.

Now why would they let me do that?

One reason – it’s the best possible advertising they could have, and it costs them NOTHING.

Do you have a paid membership? Can you let your members share a video or module or lesson of their choosing with a friend?

You might need to get a special script to make this happen, but if you’ve got great content, it could be well worth the one-time price.


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