How Much do Reviews Affect Sales? An Interesting Discussion

Do Reviews Affect Sales?

According to the e-commerce consulting firm Pattern: When a product rating goes up by one star on Amazon, the sales increase by 26%, proving how incredibly powerful reviews are.

Forget Free, Try $0

Without giving away any names, I just saw a squeeze page (landing page) offering, “The 3 Secrets to ___” for just $0.

I don’t know why we don’t see $0 more often because it’s an interesting way to present the free concept. But does it work?

You might want to test it on your squeeze page and see if $0 converts better than ‘free’ – I know I’m going to try it.

$8,500 a Month Answering Emails

Have you got two hours a day to answer emails?

One gal I know is making approximately $8,500 a month working two hours a day.

But there is one catch: To do this, you’ve got to have your own course. It can be a course on anything, from dating to finance to fitness to make money online.

It might take you a month to create this course, or it might take you a weekend. Essentially you want to teach all the ins and outs of your topic, and step by step show them how to get the results your buyers seek.

Video is great for this, since you can record a video course with 15 to 20 modules in just a couple of days if you know your topic. Start with a detailed outline and then start recording.

Once you have your course, you’re going to sell it with email coaching. Yes, there are tons of courses out there on just about every topic, but most of them do NOT offer any coaching.

The other courses might offer a help desk where someone may or may not answer a question or two. Or they might offer a Facebook page, where fellow students might take a stab at answering questions.

But you’re going to offer real coaching via email, with a 24 hour or less turnaround on weekdays.

Every day you go online and answer the questions, which you’ll find isn’t very difficult or taxing.

Some questions will be repeated over and over again, and for those you can simply copy and paste the answer. You can also record a video that answers the most common questions, to reduce the number of email questions you get in the future.

Sell your product as a coaching course to differentiate it from anything else out there. Position yourself as an expert who will answer their questions and even hold their hands as they go through the process your course teaches.

For a product like this, you can charge several hundred dollars or perhaps more, depending on the course and the niche. You can also let affiliates promote your course, although you might want to make the commission about 20 to 40%, since you are providing a service.

And you can also offer payments to make your course accessible to more buyers.

Sell this course as your final upsell in your funnel, as well as a stand-alone product that you promote through your autoresponder. Be sure to choose an evergreen topic, so you can continue to sell the course for years (updating as needed.)

The email work will be less than you think, too. You’ll find there are three types of buyers for your course:

  • Those who never email you
  • Those who only send you an occasional email
  • Those who want you to hold their hand every step of the way.

The vast majority of buyers will be in the first two categories. And those who want hand holding will likely become your friends and buy everything else you offer for a long time to come.

If you choose, you can also offer an upgrade to this course that involves periodic Skype coaching, too. You might limit this upgrade to a certain number of people to keep the price high and your time commitment manageable.

Imagine earning $5,000 to $10,000 a month just for answering emails a couple of hours a day – not bad. You might even consider doing this with multiple courses, if time allows.


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