Goodwill Giving during Quarantine Gets Customers | Give Far More than You Usually Do

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During this coronavirus, you might consider taking a two-pronged approach.

First, continue to sell your products and services.

Second, give far more than you usually do.

If you can hold online classes that help people right now and you don’t charge for them, here’s what will likely happen:

Some people will take the classes or watch the videos or whatever it is that you’re doing and feel a little bit better about their situation. You did something good, so be happy with yourself.

For other people, this will be an introduction to you and your work. They will get to know you, like you and join your tribe. They might buy something from you now or they might buy later. But you are expanding your tribe and your customer base which is always a good thing.

Some of those people will tell others. Depending on what you’re offering, it’s entirely possible there could be a viral effect. (Marketing-viral, not virus-viral.)

Your current customers will appreciate what you’re doing and you’ll build more goodwill with them.

And former customers who might still be on your list or your social media platforms can be brought back into your tribe.

The downside? I can’t really think of one, other than this will take you some time and effort to put together. But then again, if you’re stuck in self-isolation, odds are you have plenty of time and perhaps not much else to do.

What kind of content can you offer for free?

That will depend on your niche, of course. Anything that relieves stress and anxiety, such as yoga classes or meditation, is great.

Anything that can show people how to add to their income right now, or to get along better when their entire family is stuck at home, or to distract them from what’s happening is great.

Anything that makes them better in some way, that gives them a new skill or better confidence or new ways of thinking can be awesome.

Think about what you want to give right now, with little thought to what you might get back, and then get busy.

It could be cathartic for you, too.


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