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Don’t Make This Sales Video Mistake

I received an email the other day from a well-known marketer, inviting me to learn more about his new service. It sounded promising, so I clicked the link.

In the sales video he starts off telling me that the video is only 2 minutes long and that he knows this because he timed it. Great! I’m busy but I decide I’ll dedicate two minutes to watching the video and finding out what he’s offering.

15 minutes later, I closed the window. I never did find out exactly how long the video really was because I’d lost all interest.

The funny thing is, I liked what he was promoting. I thought it made good sense and it was something I could use. But when he told me the video would be 2 minutes long, and then it turned out to be far longer than that, I realized I couldn’t trust this marketer.

Which is why he lost the sale.

If you say your video is 2 minutes long, make it two minutes long. In fact, whatever it is that you promise someone to get them to watch your sales video, FULFILL THAT PROMISE. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been promised a key piece of info if I’ll sit through the sales video, only to realize at the end that they never gave me the information they promised.

And I never, EVER buy from those videos. Do you? I doubt it. Because don’t you feel deceived? And maybe a little bit cheated, too? I know I do.



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