Biggest Blogging Mistake in 7 Words

If you want people to read your work, then never forget these 7 words:

Your blog is not your personal journal.

If you want to journal online, go for it. Just don’t expect that your journal is going to resonate with your audience.

When you make the mistake of making your writing all about you, nobody but you will care.

Yes, stories are great. They’re awesome and if told well, they rock. Yes, you need to share your personality with your reader.

But never forget – you are in competition with every other website on the internet. That includes apps, movies and porn.

Write for your audience. Write TO your audience. Be authentic, unique and sincere.

And always, ALWAYS do at least one of the following:

1: Entertain your audience.
People love to be entertained and they hate to be bored. Make them laugh and make them cry. If you were a stranger reading your writing, would YOU be entertained?

2: Educate your audience.
There’s a reason why “how to” posts are popular. If you can show someone how to get the result they seek, they’ll pay attention. Share what you’ve learned through personal experience and help people to better understand themselves and how to navigate their path.

3: Inspire your audience.
People want hope and change. They want to be inspired, to be lifted up and to see what they can become. Inspiration can be the spark that causes people to do the work to make the change they seek in their lives.

Can you do all three of these at once?

Then your writing will be amazing – and people will read it, share it and come back for more.


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